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The 5 best aquatic parks D; Europe - Charliebirdy parks among

The 5 best aquatic parks Europe

This summer, L’Water reigns supreme ! Forget the fan and refresh yourself by visiting the 5 best D-parks D’Europe.

Tired of turning your head following the fan blades ? tired of’try d’soothe the little ones of the family ? If you want to do D’one stone two shots, we offer you the most refreshing proposal of the’summer for family holidays: visit the 5 best water parks in Europe ! Prepare your swimsuit and join Skyscanner in what will be’One of the most fun roads you have ever done.

Siam Park, Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

This pleasure paradise has become the’One of the most popular and has managed to rank number one on the TripAdvisor site for the fifth consecutive year: that’Does Siam Park L’One of the first five aquatic parks in Europe ? All D’first, its enormous variety of’attractions that combine relaxation and adrenaline and where there is’Animation for all: from the May Thai river, that the’You can cross relaxed on a float, at the Jungle Snake, a network of slides to enjoy family. Finally, we highlight the power tower, a slide 28m long where the’We can reach a speed of 80km/h, but which is only suitable’To amateurs D’stock.

2. Faliraki, Rhodes, Greece water park

Our next stop is in Greece. You will find there’One of the most attractive aquatic parks among the smallest in the house. D’An area of 100,000 m2, it houses a wide range of aquatic slides and thematic swimming pools for all tastes.

The bravest will go directly to the Slide suicide bomber, the’One of the most extreme attractions that only those over 12 can climb. But you can also enjoy’a relaxing walk until’at the Lazy or D river’A intrepid competition in the Head First Mat Racer, but this attraction asks you to jump on your head: will you have the courage to do it and win the race ?

3. Aquapark Istralandia, Novigrad, Croatia

Aquapark Istralandia was the’one of the 5 best aquatic parks of’Europe. For children, c’is a magical place to discover with their friends. First of all, you will find swimming pools as attractive as the Jumping Kids Pool, 150m2, which reaches until’3m deep with trampolines located at different heights. The park is also equipped with’play areas like the Spray Kids Arena, a real kingdom of the games where the jets’water appear most unsuspected places.

As it could not be otherwise, the king of attractions, the aquatic slide, is also present in many forms and typologies, our favorite slide ? The black suicide bomber: a scary and completely closed aquatic slide that can cut you off as soon as you put your foot there.

4. Etnaland, Belpasso, Italy

If you are traveling to Italy this summer, book a day to visit Etnaland water park and you will learn what C’is just a good time. This singular recreation oasis is located at the foot of the’Etna and as a particularity offers the possibility of making an interactive visit to prehistory, because an area of the park hosts amazing recreation from the beginnings of the’humanity. But, if you are one of those who love the classics, in the aquatic zone, you can enjoy’Attractions like the Anaconda river or the Stukas, fantastic infinite slides, or with the jungle splash, a boat designed for the groups from which it is impossible to go out without being soaked.

And if you still have the strength, Etnaland also houses a park’Attractions with roller coaster, dizzying pitches and much more.

5. Slides and splashes – Sliding park’Water, Lagoa, Portugal

Portugal is at the top of the list of European countries with the best water parks thanks to the popular Slide & splash. With its 7 hectares of pleasure and over 30 years of’Experience, this water park offers absolutely everything you can dream of and a lot of what you can’t even imagine. Leisure and fantasy spaces for children like tropical paradise with dazzling slides with light effects’Avant-garde like Blue Hole or all types of jacuzzis prepared to disconnect from work stress.

In short, an aquatic adventure not to be missed this summer.