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How to choose a Charliebirdy men's winter cap and the different

How to choose a winter men’s cap for men ?

With the return of L’winter and cold, it is essential to cover yourself and do not forget to keep your head warm. To stay trendy in this chilling season, you can try new styles. This year, fashion turns to caps of the cap type.

A cap in winter, why not ?

In general, when we talk about a cap, we think of the sun and the beach season. Break the usual codes for this winter seems to be a good idea. Indeed, the current movement in terms of trend leans towards caps on hot materials such as wool (at Stetson, for example).

You can also go on a cashmere or fleece cap. So you will have the possibility of’Aesthetics and comfort.

The choice of your cap will depend on your preferences in terms of colors, materials or even style. Caps of the “Gavroche” type are making a comeback this year, it is timely, because they are perfectly suited to the coldest seasons. You will find a large choice on sites like Headict, for example.

NOT’Do not forget to mix the genres by having fun varying the patterns, the colors and the different combinations between your accessories.

What differences between the caps of’summer and d’winter ?

The cap having been designed for sun essentially, one wonders that’They are the differences between a cap of’been a cap’winter. In reality, he n’there is not that much. Indeed, you are free to choose your headgear whatever the season.

However, to stay in the’era of time, you can choose your cap according to the period of the’year. For example, play on materials:

  • hot in winter like wool, fleece, leather, velvet
  • lighter in summer, for example, cotton or silk (generally natural materials)

You can also bet on the different patterns. In winter, chicken, plaid or checkered foot patterns. If you n’are not convinced by current trends, you can bet on sobriety and choose a neutral cap, which remains just as chic.

In summer, a wide choice s’Offer to you: either classic or more extravagant like flamingo-rose patterns.

Finally, remember to vary the colors. Currently, new trends are towards rather dark shades (plum, gray, navy blue, black). Make yourself fun this summer by opting for bright, fresh and sunny colors like yellow, electric blue or orange.