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How to take care of your tattoos ?

The tattoo formerly distinctive sign of certain human groups, is also a clear choice of very trendy fashion! Popular with both men and women, tattoos are used to express emotions, or to convey messages of all kinds. However, they require special care throughout its production process.

Here’s everything you need to know to take good care of your tattoos!

How to prepare your skin before tattooing ?

Far from’be a harmless act, the tattooing is a skin operation intended to engrave a design on the skin. It is therefore important to make special arrangements before the day of the tattoo. Good hydration is generally necessary before performing such an operation. The subject who wishes to tattoo himself must drink a lot of water but also apply on the part intended to receive the tattoo, a moisturizer once or twice a day. It is also recommended to shave before getting a tattoo.

People who have irritation after shaving no longer have to do it a week before the operation, the tattoo artist will take care of the last minute shaving if necessary.

For avoid complications when tattooing, it is advisable to avoid not only tanning but also the application of scrub products. Elements such as sunburn, injuries in the area intended for the tattoo, consumption of alcoholic products the day before the tattoo, are to be avoided. The individual who must tattoo himself will also have to eat well the day of the operation in order to fight against fatigue. That’s not all, he must dress in loose clothes that do not’do not exert pressure on the tattoo once made, the’ideal being to leave it at’outdoors.

The application of anesthetic substance is a prohibited act before the tattoo operation.

Why hydrate your skin on a daily basis ?

After carrying out the tattoo, it is essential to hydrate the skin. It is important to do it because it allows you to clean the wound with water and then’Apply substances for lining. In reality when the professional finishes carrying out his tattoo, he puts a dressing to avoid infections of all kinds.

It is advisable to keep this dressing for 24 hours. After which, the tattooed must remove the bandage and clean the tattooed part to remove ink residues, possible microbes and other human physiological liquids that would have remained there.

To get there, it is advisable to use water and soap or a antiseptic solution. In the course of the cleaning, it will be necessary to make sure that the wound is not exposed directly to the tap water jet, but that the latter flows on it. You have to use compresses to clean the tattooed part that should be dried in the ambient air without pressure.

Once this step has been completed, the tattooed person must obtain ointments that they must apply to the tattoo so that it does not dry out. These are creams like Urgo, Bepanthene, or cicatryl. Another important detail, do not abuse the application of the cream on the wound, do not leave a layer of cream to penetrate, the bare minimum is necessary.

How to take care of your skin until’tattoo healing ?

For a good healing process, the cleaning of the tattooed part must continue as’explained above two to three times a day for ten days. However, there are some crucial details to pay attention to. We generally notice a few days after the operation, the appearance of crusts and dead skin, all accompanied by severe itching. Despite the strong desire that may appear, it is strongly recommended not to scratch the tattooed part or to remove the dead parts yourself. Trying to do so destroys the tattoo and also leaves unwanted scars on the skin.

If enduring the itching becomes complicated, the tattooed person can put an ice pack on the part. This should calm the irritations and reduce the urge to scratch.

To take care of your new tattoo, you can also buy creams like Bacitracin, Easytattoo, or Tattoo Goo. The combination of a cleansing gel, and a protective and regenerating cream can also be very effective in the care that can be given to a tattoo at this stage.

What not to do during healing

To allow the tattoo to heal normally, you must follow some important rules. For example, it is forbidden to immerse the tattooed part in water for at least a fortnight or until’to the total and natural disappearance of crusts. This prevents the harmful action of sea or swimming pool water on the tattoos. Also for three months after your operation, you must not expose the tattooed part to the sun. For a complete healing, it will be necessary to continue the sessions of hydration of the tattooed skin and especially to expose it most often to the open air.

The tattooed must opt for loose clothes and especially cotton. You want to crack ? NOT’do not hesitate to listen to the advice of the best tattoo artists in Paris on our site.