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The hot water bottle, we spending more than

The hot water bottle is an accessory of thermotherapy recognized as an essential ally of comfort and well-being at home. However, its benefits in everyday life remain unknown to many people. In this article, we present the main uses of the hot water bottle.

The hot water bottle: a natural and powerful analgesic

The hot water bottle is a very effective remedy against pain. Indeed, it relieves quite quickly joint pains in people suffering from’arthritis or rheumatism. L’action of the heat released by the’The accessory allows to’to activate the blood circulation in the concerned area. It is enough to put it on the’It is a joint that usually disappears after a few hours’about twenty minutes. It also has the effect of reducing muscular tension.

The hot water bottle is also useful against the cervical pains. In case of torticollis or lumbago, you can put it under the neck or in the small of the back to be relieved.

Sometimes, during physical exercises, certain muscles of the body contract to the point of pain’The heat is excessive and causes cramps. In these cases also, a hot water bottle can be used to reduce muscle contractions and relieve the athlete. It also helps to avoid aches and pains after a very important physical effort. N’Don't hesitate to visit dedicated websites, at the’instar of Hot Water Bottle, to find the model of hot water bottle The hot water bottle can be used in a variety of ways (microwave, plush or electric hot water bottles for example).

They are generally made of soft materials that do not absorb any moisture’do not attack the skin.

Hot water bottle in bed

A sure ally for a comfortable and warm bed in winter

The hot water bottle is an effective solution to say goodbye to the problems of cold feet during the night in winter. When’it is slipped into the bed, it fThe brand promotes well-being and safety’sleepy. L’The accessory impregnates the bedding with its warmth and allows you to relax’The hot water bottle can reach the temperature necessary for a peaceful sleep (18 or 19°C)°C).

Therefore, you don’no longer need to overheat the room with a radiator.

The hot water bottle relieves stomach aches

The hot water bottle is a excellent soothing of the pains of the’abdomen. All you have to do is place the hot water bottle on the area concerned’accessory on the painful part of the stomach. It is also very effective against pain in the lower abdomen during menstruation in women.

In addition, the’The action of the hot water bottle helps to reduce bloating and excessive contractions of the stomach’uterus. C’The daily intake varies from one person to the next, and is also a powerful calming agent for the spasms of the heartôIt also works more easily in people of all age groups’(young people, adults and senior citizens). In fact, studies have shown that heat affects the body's thermal receptors.

In response, they block the transmission of messages carried by pain receptors, which alters the brain's reaction.

The hot water bottle stimulates the liver for a better digestion

L’The thermal effect of the hot water bottle also facilitates better digestion through the liver, an organ that performs over 300 vital functions. By placing a hot water bottle on the belly at the level of this organ, it encourages it to play its role more effectivelyôthe. Through the heat of the’equipment, Liver filters blood better and eliminates more waste.

It also works more easily.

The hot water bottle is considered by many people as a natural painkiller, as well as a food supplement’a source of comfort and well-being at home. C’is an indispensable ally in daily life.