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The 5 favorite cosmetic surgery operations of the French

In France, more and more women and’men are seduced by cosmetic surgery. If before, c’were the people over the age of 50 who mostly used this type of’intervention, today, even young people under 35 dare to take the plunge. Cosmetic surgery operations have indeed become commonplace to obtain the silhouette of her dreams, or to sculpt her face.

Thus, more than 500,000 surgical interventions are carried out each year in France, and this figure n’is not about to decrease in the coming years. But what are the favorite surgery operations of the French ?

Surgical interventions: increasingly acclaimed by young people

According to a study carried out by the’Institut D’marketing and surveys’Harris interactive opinion, the majority of French people, and more precisely more than 87% D’between them, wish to change part of their body using cosmetic surgery. It can s’act d’part of the body or’part of the face in particular.

In recent years, the’Want to carry out these interventions has increased considerably, especially with adolescents and young adults. Several studies have indeed shown that almost 63% of the people who have recourse there have Between 15 and 24 years old. It is especially young people who have a strong desire to modify part of their body.

It can s’act d’An intervention to obtain larger buttocks, breast augmentation, correction of the nose, lips or even injections of’hyaluronic acid.

If you plan to do cosmetic surgery, it is advisable to call on qualified professionals to guarantee a satisfactory result and a safe intervention. You can for example get closer to Dr Jérémy Dijan, expert in cosmetic surgery in Paris.

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Belly liposuction: L’One of the favorite interventions of French women

Abdominal liposuction, or belly liposuction, is one of the most common surgical operations in French women. This intervention consists in permanently withdrawing excess of’Adipocytes or fat cells. It allows’remove fat located on the part of the’abdomen. It can s’Act of backpacks, handles of’Love, etc. This type of’abdominal intervention is relatively simple to carry out for professionals and presents limited risks.

It is generally carried out under general anesthesia. To do this, the surgeon introduces cannulas under the person’s skin to be able to suck all the fat located there.

Belly liposuction is carried out by more than 19 to 20% of women in France. It quickly and effectively erase the fatty clusters accumulated during’a pregnancy for example. This intervention helps them find a perfectly flat stomach, while attenuating cellulite and stretch marks at the same time.

Cervico-facial lifting: a current intervention in France

Cervico-facial facelift is an operation which consists in rejuvenating the neck and the face of’a person. This type of facelift is among the most common these days. It allows to correct the lower 2 thirds of the face and neck. The purpose of this intervention is to deal with relaxation and’muscles sagging and facial skin.

I’operation can be carried out at the level of the bays, the cheeks or even on the’oval of the face and the neck. I’intervention can target several parts of the face and allows’obtain an immediate and lasting rejuvenation effect.

You should know that this intervention also has the capacity to correct the misunderstanding of traits and aging. To do this, the surgeon acts on the fat part of the face. They’therefore acts’An operation that n’implies no facial transformation, but only allows you to find a younger appearance. Cervico-facial facelift holds second place from the most made surgeries in France.

Almost 17% of French women have already undergone This type of’operation To reduce the legs’goose and front wrinkles.

Rhinoplasty to change the’appearance of his nose

Rhinoplasty is also among the favorite interventions of the French. This operation is to change the size or shape of its nose. We can do this type of’intervention, whether for practical reasons, in the event of nasal deviation for example, or simply to improve the’Aesthetics of the nose. However, it should be noted that this surgical operation is quite delicate and does not necessarily guarantee the expected result.

She also asks for a certain recovery time. To obtain full satisfaction, it is thus strongly advised to s’Orient towards a competent and recognized professional.

Almost 5% of French women used rhinoplasty. It allows you to harmonize the face well with a nose that’grant perfectly with its features. Generally, rhinoplasty is used to reduce the bump of the nose, refine, reassemble or stretch the point of the latter.

I’intervention can also be carried out to reduce an overly large or too long nose, to correct a deviated nose or to rebuild the entire nose.

Interventions preferred cosmetic surgery of French

The liposuction of the handles of’love, l’favorite men’s intervention

If most operations are mainly carried out by women, you should know that men also use cosmetic surgery interventions. The percentage of men interested in surgery is indeed 5 to 15%. I’most requested intervention is the liposuction of the handles of’love.

D’After studies, 9% of French people who do cosmetic surgery opt for the liposuction of the handles’love. This intervention consists in definitively eliminating fats on hips, which is generally very difficult to get rid of sport for example. I’Intervention allows’Quickly get a significant change silhouette.

Penoplasty: another intervention acclaimed by men

6% of French men are interested in penoplasty, which consists of thicken or lengthen the penis. Not to be confused with the phalloplasty which consists of making a penis to people who’do not have it, as part of’a change of sex especially.