Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Food supplements: synthetic or natural ?

Many French people consume food supplements. The reasons for this supplementation are multiple. These products can be found over the counter in pharmacies, supermarkets, specialized stores, but also on the Internet. However, more and more questions are coming up about their quality and effectiveness. Today’Today, it seems preferable to use’What is the difference between natural and synthetic food supplements?.

Discover the reasons to turn to natural products.

What is the difference between natural and synthetic food supplements? 

Considered as foodstuffs, food supplements are available over the counter. However, it is important to’To establish a difference between these two categories of products. D’On the one hand, there are natural food supplements (spirulina, royal jelly, flax or wheat germ oil, carrot juice, etc.).) and’other hand, synthetic food supplements.

If the first ones are directly from the nature, the second ones are obtained by chemical processes carried out in laboratory. Synthetic vitamins are crude copies without the original molecular complexity. They are less well assimilated by the body’It is rich in: This natural food supplement is known for its effect on the immune system and very often composed of petroleum derivatives ! Even if they are supposed to be more economical, it is better to avoid them to take advantage of all the natural benefits of plants.

Spirulina: a complete natural food supplement

If you have deficiencies or want to supplement, spirulina is a good option. Just like the’together natural supplements without chemical additives, which will be better assimilated by the body’the body and more beneficial.

Having of’an incredible potential, the returns of’Spirulina is a natural product that has been used for centuries in many different ways’It has countless beneficial effects on the body’body and health. It is sold in the form of powder, tablets, capsules, etc. It is rich in :

  • vitamins,
  • minerals and essential trace elements,
  • pigments,
  • iron,
  • proteins.

Spirulina also contains numerous vitamins (A, E, K, D, B1, B2, B3, B6, B8, B9, etc.).

This natural food supplement is recognized for its effect on the immune system that’it boosts. It is recommended because it improves resistance and the quality of life’stamina, maintains the’energy, helps to controlôweight loss, etc. Opinions on spirulina are unanimous about its benefits. Sportsmen and women who’People who use turmeric often notice an improvement in their performance when it is taken out of their system’they consume it.

It is the same for all those who make cures to regain vitality and good health.

If you also want to try spirulina, it is best to eat a healthy and balanced diet’opt for a natural product, sold in a store or on a specialized website. Indeed, more and more studies tend to show that synthetic products are harmful to health. Note that the powder can be mixed with your food, fruit juices, water, etc’water, etc.

Spirulina, natural food supplements

What are the natural food supplements recommended for better health ?

Apart from spirulina, there are many other food supplements’other products obtained in particular by from plants, fruits or animal sources. We can mention in particular :

  • Turmeric,
  • l’cod liver oil,
  • Royal jelly,
  • propolis,
  • etc.

The active ingredients contained in natural food supplements are powerful. They help to fill in nutritional needs, and help relieve certain ailments. It is always necessary to pay attention to the respect of the dosages, even if they are’it s’acts of natural products.

Finally, if you really want to fill up on vitamins, we advise you to take a bottle of spirulina’If you also want to try spirulina, it is better to adopt a healthy and balanced diet. Focus on combinations of fruits and vegetables, and vary your menus.