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How is the oil made? CBD oil ?

Increasingly popular in the wellness sector, CBD is consumed in various forms by nearly 10% of French people. L’One of the best ways to enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids is to take a daily doseïof the remaining consumption of the’CBD oil. But how is it really made ?

The components of CBD oil’a CBD oil

Cannabidiol n’is not the only substance present in commercial CBD oils. They usually contain various components such as CBD oil, CBD oil, and other substances’other vegetable oils. In the manufacturing process, the’CBD extract is mixed with another vegetable oil. Most of the time, the manufacturer specifies the nature of the oil’oil used as a base. To obtain more’explanations on the composition of CBD, Refer to specialized platforms on the internet.

A site that offers a wide range of products based on CBD (CBD flowers, infusions, candies, etc.)…) will be able to provide relevant answers to your questions.

Also, note that each bottle of CBD oil is made from a single plant’The oil contains a precise quantity of CBD which is always notified in percentage (5 to 40 %). The daily dosage depends on’elsewhere in part of this value.

Apart from the dosage, some bottles sometimes include specific mentions such as : « Full Spectrum » or « Broad Spectrum ». The former means that the CBD used is full spectrum. In other words, it is derived from the’total extraction of the cannabis plant: leaves, seeds and stems. A full spectrum CBD oil can therefore contain many cannabinoids and terpenesïsuch as :

  • cannabigerol (CBG),
  • cannabichromene (CBC),
  • tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

The second one corresponds to a broad spectrum CBD. This oil is’a composition similar to CBD « Full Spectrum », but without tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

CBD oil

What are the processes used to extract CBD from hemp ?

There are many ways to extract CBD from hemp.

L’liquid solvent extraction

The method consists in immersing the hemp plants in a solvent to extract the CBD. The solvent is’The oil then evaporates, leaving only the cannabidiol and its terpenes. The solvents commonly used are the’ethanol, butane and propane.

Although’it s’acts of’It is an easy and inexpensive process, but it is still very dangerous.

L’Cold press extraction

The technique consists of freezing hemp flowers and then crushing them under pressure. It allows to collect all the cannabinoids such asïand terpenes of the plant. The method is It is relatively simple, but requires a large amount of material for a small amount of CBD’oil.

Therefore, it is little used.

L’supercritical CO2 extraction

L’Supercritical CO2 extraction is the most reliable, ecological and safe process. It allows a better control of the quality of the oilôthe cannabinoïand terpenes. It therefore guarantees a high quality CBD oil. However, the technique requires expensive equipment and specific skills.

It is’It allows for better control of the method generally used by professional manufacturers.

The manufacture of CBD oil is an easy and inexpensive process’CBD oil

To produce a good quality oil, it is essential to choose the hemp plant from which the CBD will be extracted. The technique of’Extraction is also a guarantee of quality to be taken into account. Although’There are many methods of making CBD oil’supercritical CO2 extraction remains the preferred extraction.

After the’To extract CBD from hemp, all you need to do is use the oil’to associate with a base of oil’vegetable oil of your choice. L’Organic hemp oil is recommended, especially for its nutritional value. However, it is possible to’Use no’Any vegetable oil: CBD oil’olive, coconut, etc.

It is also possible to manufacture’CBD oil from the CBD crystals. For this, you will simply have to heat the mixture of CBD oil on a low flame for 2 to 3 hours’oil and crystals in a water bath. Then, filter the solution and you have a good chance of finding a solution’ready to use oil.