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Naturally beautiful skin: these home remedies will help you achieve a healthy epidermis

The skin, as the largest organ of man, protects us from all kinds of environmental influences. If it is exposed to a lot of stress, such as excessive sunlight, it can become irritated or even diseased.

In winter, cold and dry indoor air cause the skin to become flaky.

Also, heavy exposure to washing lotions or cleaning products can disturb the pH of the skin enough to cause uncomfortable itching.

Frequent scratching can lead to injuries through which bacteria and microorganisms enter the body. The consequences are nodules under the skin, rashes or reddened areas.

Read which simple home remedies you can use to help keep your skin naturally beautiful and develop a youthful, fresh complexion.

Skin blemishes can be easily treated with lemon juice within a few days

Not only in the youth it can come to an unaesthetic pustule formation in the face and on the back. Pimples on the face occur when the glands in the skin produce too much sebum.

In hot temperatures, when you sweat a lot, the skin protects itself in this way against the salts in the sweat. If you want to get rid of small skin blemishes quickly, you do not need chemical lotions from the pharmacy.

Mix the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon with half a teaspoon of baking soda and two teaspoons of sugar. If the paste is too liquid, add a little more sugar to it.

With this natural peeling against impure skin, rub face and décolleté generously in the morning and evening. The

Sugar crystals gently rub away dead skin cells during the facial massage, the lemon juice has an anti-inflammatory, clarifying and slightly antibacterial effect. Do not use salt!

This would irritate and dry out the sensitive facial skin too much. consequence of a lemon-salt peeling would be red, itchy and scaly skin.

An initial reddening of the skin after lemon peeling is normal and is caused by increased blood flow.

After a maximum of 10 minutes, wash off the remains of the peeling thoroughly, after only half an hour all redness should have subsided.

Attention! Peeling with lemon juice can make the skin more sensitive to sunburn!

Friction skin: Fine nodules under the skin, in children and adults

At first glance, the so-called rubbing iron skin looks (med. Keratosis pilaris) confusingly similar to goose bumps.

Many people suffer from this skin disorder, especially children and teenagers are affected. It is not a classic disease, therefore the dermatologist cannot prescribe you any effective medication.

You can take good action against the unsightly nodules with light care creams and quickly get rid of them within a few days.

If left untreated, the papules usually disappear on their own within two to three days.

However, without special skin care, the skin may become horny or inflamed.

Regular steam baths for pore-deep clean skin

If you want to do something good for your skin even in the summer, go regularly to the sauna or steam bath. The intense heat causes the fine pores of the skin to open up.

So sebum and impurities can be easily excreted by the body. The high temperatures also ensure that germs and bacteria are killed off.

If you suffer from skin blemishes only on your face, you can treat yourself to a facial steam bath once a week. As with inhalation, put hot water in a bowl and place a large towel around the head.

Be careful not to inhale too hot – otherwise burns may occur.

You can add chamomile extract to the facial steam bath. Use about four tea bags of chamomile tea per bowl, a liquid chamomile concentrate from the health food store, or simply chamomile leaves and blossoms you have picked yourself.

You can use fresh chamomile or hang it up to dry for the winter.

The soothing and mildly disinfectant ingredients of the chamomile plant remain even after drying, offering you gentle relief for sensitive skin.