Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Staying fit in Corona times – With the bike it is possible!

The Corona pandemic has turned the lives of millions of people upside down. Not only the fear for the job, the worry about an infection and the lack of contact with friends and family provides change.

The lack of fitness has also become a problem. Gyms closed, less exercise due to home office, there needs to be an alternative.

And there is one, in the form of a bicycle! Whether during the day or in the evening, with a Velmia rear light for the bicycle, a short tour can be made even after work in the home office.

Why cycling is the perfect fitness solution

Cycling isn’t just for summer rides, it’s also a great way to keep your body fit during the colder months of the year.

Here not only endurance and condition are trained, but also the leg muscles and the body, because the bike uses a large part of the complex human musculature.

Even the federal government in Germany has long recognized the benefits of cycling and wants to make the country a cycling country by 2030.

And the possibilities are more varied today than they were at the beginning of the bicycle era, because in the meantime a new market has emerged with e-bikes, which also offers potential for older people.

So biking is no longer just exciting for the younger generation, but also offers seniors the opportunity to stay fit and healthy.

Prevent dangerous consequences of immobility

Health is the most valuable human asset and some areas of it we as humans can influence very well.

In many cases the consequences of one’s own lifestyle are more serious than is assumed, one problem is the growing immobility of society. This has been exacerbated by the Corona pandemic.

People who used to walk to the office, run back and forth between departments, arrange to meet colleagues for a midday stroll and then walk home, are now often sitting in their home offices.

The distance between bed and desk is often only a few meters and the morning activity in the bathroom to make the body fit for the office is also very often eliminated. The shirt is enough, the lower body under the desk can stay in pajamas.

The consequences of increasing immobility can be serious. This not only threatens the development of high blood pressure, but also the development of diabetes, heart disease and other complaints.

Just 30 minutes of cycling twice a week helps to strengthen blood circulation and endurance and keep the body fit and healthy.

Replace the car with the bicycle

Those who have little or no time and cannot find an extra half hour per day for a bike ride have the opportunity to integrate their bike into their daily routine.

If only a few days per week are allowed in home office mode, the bicycle can be used on the usual days for the journey to work.

A small detour extends the riding distance and ensures that you arrive fit at the office.

And also the way to the supermarket, to the bank or for other errands becomes with the bicycle immediately the sporty number.

Why actually always drive a car? Gasoline prices are constantly rising and switching to buses and trains is not recommended during the pandemic either.

Use the bicycle at home as a home trainer

Spinning bikes are the rage in the gym. They are constantly busy and many a person spends more than an hour on the bike without getting anywhere.

What very few people know is that their own bicycle can also be converted into an exercise bike.

With a special stand, the bike can be jacked up so that the wheels are in the air and sport is possible.

A so-called roller trainer encloses the rear wheel and ensures that the bicycle does not tip over during exercise at home.

A great alternative for those who previously used cardio bikes at the gym and now no longer have access due to government regulations.

The roller trainer itself is cheaper to buy than your own home trainer and can also be stored in a more space-saving way.

If there is no motivation at all for a ride outside the house in winter due to cold weather, the sport is brought into the own four walls in such a way.

In the long run, cycling can not only ensure that muscles and fitness don’t atrophy during corona lockdowns, but that mental well-being is also supported.