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blackheads – origin, possible treatments and home remedies

blackheads, also called comedones, are dark discolored plugs on the skin. Mostly they occur in the facial area especially in the so-called T-zone (forehead, chin and nose). Especially in the Puberty and early adulthood the nasty and unattractive spots appear. Often, inflammations develop and the comedo can in turn develop into pimples. But how to get rid of the uninvited guests again?

How do the annoying comedones develop?

Especially greasy skin are affected by the formation of unsightly blackheads. Our skin consists of three layers, the middle layer is called dermis. There are glands that produce sebum. Sebum is supposed to protect our skin, it reaches the surface of the skin through narrow channels, and normally it drains away from there.

But if it comes to an excessive production of sebum, the glands are dilated and the channels through which the sebum normally passes become clogged. This is how sebum accumulation and the formation of blackheads occur. If the body’s own pigment melanin reacts with oxygen, the blackhead turns a blackish color. Unfortunately, the unpleasant comedones are often difficult to remove and appear again and again.

Often it is due to hormones

The causes of skin impurities can be different. A cause for the blackheads can be, for example, the increased production of the male sex hormone testosterone. For due to testosterone the skin produces excessive sebum. Therefore, blackheads often appear in adolescents during puberty and in menopausal women as well as during pregnancy. After that often disappear again.

Constant stress and inner conflicts can also promote the formation of blackheads, as well as warm weather or excessive alcohol consumption. Other reasons can be the discontinuation of the birth control pill or smoking. In adults whose skin is excessively oily, the body also tends to form the comedones.

How to get rid of blackheads?

If possible, the blackheads should not be squeezed out, because this can, in an unfavorable case, lead to severe inflammations lead. The bacteria of the blackhead and those under the fingernails, could be pressed into a deeper skin layer and cause scars in addition to infections. Therefore blackheads should be removed by a dermatologist or beautician.

What else can help?

  • Cleansing face masks,
  • Comedone squeezer,
  • Gel, cream or foam,
  • Peeling,
  • Steam bath.
Cleansing face masks

Also well suited for a better skin appearance are cleansing face masks, which are applied regularly. Face masks are available in drugstores and pharmacies. Cleansing with soap-free and alcoholic solutions is also considered effective. Many home remedies also promise an effective solution.

Particularly popular is the Lemon juice mask with lemon, yogurt and honey. Also Tea tree oil is supposed to make the skin impurities disappear in small quantities.

Comedone squeezer

A professional comedone squeezer is another way to get rid of blackheads. This is done by applying gentle pressure through a loop or a small scoop. The blackhead is removed by pulling it apart in all directions. If the sebum has then completely escaped, the area can still be treated with a anti-inflammatory ointment be cared for.

Gel, cream or foam

It is important to avoid creams or gels with high fat content. However, oily skin also needs sufficient moisture, so are light oil emulsions or gels are well suited. In the pharmacy there are special “non-comedogenic” products. They contain ingredients that do not promote the formation of comedones.

Mild gel or foam are also suitable, then the skin can be cleaned with a toner. Also good are especially Anti-inflammatory products, whose active ingredients regulate sebum production. This also reduces the size of the pores.


Also well suited are Fruit acid peelings, Peelings with abrasive granules also promise to be effective against the skin impurities. However, these are not suitable for every skin type. Sensitive skin types should rather use chemical peels without abrasive particles.

You can use the peeling 2x per week, mild peelings or products with Salicylic acid can also be used more often. By the way, a natural help against blackheads is a scrub made of warm water, lemon juice and salt.

Steam bath

If the blackhead is not yet open, an approximately 15-minute Steam bath with chamomile help to open the pores. Chamomile has an anti-inflammatory effect and promotes blood circulation. Afterwards a gentle peeling can be applied or a face mask can be applied.

Prevent blackheads

However, it is best not to let the skin impurities develop at all. Regular and thorough cleaning is a prerequisite. However, the skin should not be cleaned too aggressively, because too strong cleaning can promote the clogging of the pores rather and lets the skin dry out.

This in turn again leads to increased sebum production. Cleansing in the evening and morning with ph-neutral lukewarm water is helpful.