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Mineral feed for horses – the healthy plus of feeding

The basis for a long and healthy horse life is, in addition to species-appropriate husbandry of the horses, also a natural and needs-based feeding. Hay of good quality and in sufficient quantity makes an important contribution to the basic supply of a horse. Unlike in the past, however, hay does not contain all the nutrients a horse needs.

Vital nutrients for horses

Today, even high-quality hay no longer covers the need for vital nutrients. Therefore, mineral feed for horses is an indispensable part of basic care.

It contains all the vitamins, trace elements and minerals needed in the body for vital metabolic processes.

It ensures a shiny coat, strong hooves and a functioning defense system. Each individual component fulfills a significant function, as the following examples show:

    Zinc is needed by your horse for skin metabolism, wound healing and for the body’s defenses. Zinc also plays an important role in hoof growth.

Nutrients for horses – Dose individually

However, it is not so easy to correctly determine the need for feed supplements. To dose nutrients correctly, you need a sound knowledge of the functions they perform in the body and how they influence each other there.

Far too often horses are permanently fed improperly and suffer from the consequences. Often this happens even with the owner’s intention to do something good for the horse.

Possible consequences of an undersupply of vitamins, minerals and trace elements include dull coat, brittle hooves or an increased susceptibility to infections. Giving higher amounts of feed supplements on suspicion can be dangerous for the horse, in some cases life-threatening.

In order to avoid damage to health caused by overfeeding, the nutrient requirements of a horse can be determined by competent and individual feed advice. An optimal dosage of mineral feed takes into account not only size and body weight, but also the ration of the basic feed and the horse’s training workload.

What brings bioavailability?

One of the decisive factors for the quality of a mineral feed is its bioavailability. This refers to the amount of individual substances that is actually available to the metabolism after feed intake.

It is therefore of no use to the horse if ingredients in sufficient dosage are contained in the feed, but do not reach the right place in the body to develop their effect.

When choosing a mineral feed, it is therefore important to pay attention to a high level of bioavailability. Nutrients from natural ingredients are usually more bioavailable than those from synthetically produced ingredients.

Gladly eaten

Horses have a fine sense of smell and notice immediately if something else has been added to the feed. Some horses are fussy and then refuse the whole feed ration. Supplementary feeds therefore only fulfill their purpose if they are actually eaten by horses. This is the only way to ensure that the daily requirement of minerals is covered.

Free from unwanted additives

In order to help maintain the horse’s health even with long-term and daily feeding, it is desirable to avoid additives such as sugar, molasses or cereals. While they noticeably improve the taste of a prescription, they increase the risk of tooth decay or metabolic disease with long-term use.

Natural Feed from Inropharm

you are particularly concerned about the health of your horse. At Inropharm, we have made it our business to support you in the following ways. We help you to provide your horse with the best possible care so that it remains healthy for a long time.

For this we draw on over 50 years of experience in the production of animal feeds. The knowledge from the development of numerous successful products is available to us for comprehensive and individual feed consultations.

Our quality promise means for you that all products from our house correspond to newest scientific realizations. Even the purchase of raw materials is subject to the highest quality standards. These allow only QS-certified farms as sources of supply.

The Natural Feed product line provides needs-based and natural mineral feed for horses. Small feeding amounts are sufficient for an optimal dosage. Natural Feed products:

  • Provide your horse with essential nutrients,
  • Are well absorbed by the body (high bioavailability),
  • are eaten with pleasure (high feed acceptance),
  • are free from undesirable additives (sugar, molasses),
  • contain as a basis a tasty mixture of natural herbs in convenient pellet form.

Trust our high standards to supply animals with only the best. We know that health comes from within. A horse with healthy hooves, shiny coat and enjoyment of exercise gets everything his body needs from his feed.

Contact us if you would like a consultation. With our products of the Natural Feed line you support your horse in a natural and needs-based way. Once you have chosen one of the products, purchase it from your veterinarian or conveniently from our online store.