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Black traction ointment – Fast help for skin inflammations

Black traction ointment with the fast help for skin inflammations proven since 1925.

It is more durable than any other tissue and our most important “dress”: Our skin can withstand a lot, but sends clear signals when it’s not doing well.

Even superficial scratches and minor infections can make themselves felt unpleasantly and impair our sense of well-being.

For decades, the impressive solution for many inflammatory and infected skin diseases has been called ICHTHOLAN®, better known as “black traction ointment”.

Once applied, the black classic becomes unforgettable: it scores with its fast effectiveness – and remains in the memory of numerous users also due to its characteristic odor and special color.

The trend towards highly effective active ingredients of natural origin and the increasing resistance of bacteria to antibiotics make the proven original ICHTHOLAN® more topical than ever.

Black traction ointment – The ideal immediate help

With active ingredient concentrations of 10%, 20% or 50%, the black traction ointment actively combats superficial and deeper skin inflammations.

In the case of minor infections, it can often stop the inflammatory process and the associated pain overnight. Because during sleep the regeneration and repair processes of the cells run at full speed.

Applied nice and thick ICHTHOLAN® as an “express aid”: under a plaster or bandage, it promotes blood circulation, softens the skin somewhat, effectively fights germs and helps inflammations to surface and heal more quickly.

The next morning, the painful pressure in the inflamed area has often already subsided. As a therapeutic agent for many cases, the black ointment is therefore indispensable for every “first aid kit” at home.

Black garden soil – an El Dorado for germs

Mowing, pruning, weeding, hoeing: a beautiful garden requires full commitment from the amateur gardener and involves dangers that many underestimate.

Supposedly harmless cuts on sharp edges, small cracks caused by thorns or splinters that have penetrated can quickly become a serious problem.

Bacteria lurk in the soil, on woody plants and in compost (z. B. Staphylococci), which can enter the body through the open wound and cause dangerous infections.

The skin’s own acid mantle and the body’s own immune system do their best to fight germs immediately, but each organism reacts individually.

Special care should be taken if you have an immune deficiency or a chronic disease (e.g. B. diabetes mellitus): In this case, the germ defense is impaired, inflammations have an easier time and can spread particularly well.

The case: A thorn in the hand

A splinter of wood, rose thorn or prick in the skin is not uncommon when gardening. If it can be easily removed with tweezers and the area disinfected, there is usually no problem.

However, if the foreign body remains unnoticed for too long or moves deep into the skin during work, the bacteria that have penetrated with it can trigger a painful inflammation.

The solution: Apply thickly!

Often the foreign body that has penetrated is so small and lies so deep that it cannot be seen with the naked eye.

It is not a good idea to press on the spot and possibly try to open the upper skin layer with a needle!

Better to apply a thick layer ICHTHOLAN® 20% apply, cover with a compress and a gauze bandage or a bandage with a cotton bandage. cover with an all-round adhesive plaster and rely on the special properties of the black ointment.

It often “pulls” the inflammation upwards, has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect and often leads to rapid improvement.

thorns and small splinters come to the surface and can be removed from the skin with tweezers after a short time.

If the accumulation of pus is deeper in the tissue and a boil has already developed, it is best to immediately reach for the highest concentration with the strongest effect: ICHTHOLAN® 50%.

The case: an infected nail bed

Without protective gloves, the nail bed is also a vulnerable area when gardening! A small tear in the cuticle or a splinter opens the door to bacteria.

For immediate help the affected nail with ICHTHOLAN® 10% (for superficial inflammations) or ICHTHOLAN® 20% (for deeper processes) apply a knife-back thick coat and cover with a plaster or bandage.

The case: An inflamed scratch on the arm

With sleeves rolled up, thorny bushes and unruly branches can easily leave a scratch on the arm that goes unnoticed in the heat of the moment.

If the injury shows inflammatory features such as redness or small pus-filled areas, covering with ICHTHOLAN® 10%.

Under no circumstances: Press on inflammations

Is the temptation also still so large – never press at purulent skin inflammations around! This increases the risk of infection spreading.

The black traction ointment “pulls” the secretion to the surface by stimulating blood circulation and softening the skin slightly.

Usually the spot opens by itself, the pus can drain off and the wound can heal. As a general rule: observe skin inflammation!

If they worsen, consult a doctor immediately.

Instructions for use Black Draw Ointment

ICHTHOLAN® is applied as thick as the back of a knife to the skin regions to be treated and covered with a plaster that is as adhesive all around as possible or a large-area bandage that should be changed daily.

Before reapplying the ointment, any remaining ointment must be washed off carefully.

The duration of application depends on the success of the treatment. A permanent bandage with ICHTHOLAN® should remain on the skin for a maximum of three days.

Draw ointments can darken clothes. A bandage or an adhesive plaster protects clothing and bed linen from stains.

Prescription-free from the pharmacy

ICHTHOLAN® is available without prescription in pharmacies in the packaging sizes 15 g, 25 g or 40 g, depending on the active ingredient strength.

ICHTHOLAN® 10% in the package size 15 g costs 12.84 € (AVP) and contains per gram of ointment 0.1 g ammonium bituminosulfonate (ICHTHYOL®). The pharmaceutical central number (PZN) is 04404674.

ICHTHOLAN® 20% in the package size 15 g costs 13.90 € (AVP) and contains per gram of ointment 0.2 g ammonium bituminosulfonate (ICHTHYOL®). The pharmaceutical central number (PZN) is 00741794.

ICHTHOLAN® 50% in the package size 15 g costs 14.49 € (AVP) and contains per gram ointment 0.5 g ammonium bituminosulfonate (ICHTHYOL®). The pharmaceutical central number (PZN) is 11172572.

Mandatory texts

Active ingredient: Ammonium bituminosulfonate
Fields of application: ICHTHOLAN® 10%, Ointment is used for treatment of superficial inflammatory diseases of the skin. Contains lanolin and butylated hydroxytoluene.

Active ingredient: Ammonium bituminosulfonate
Indications: ICHTHOLAN® 20%, Ointment is used for the maturation of boils and superficial abscessing processes. Contains lanolin and butylhydroxytoluene.

Active ingredient: Ammonium bituminosulfonate
Indications: ICHTHOLAN® 50%, Ointment is used for the maturation of boils and abscessing processes and for the supportive treatment of gonarthrosis as well as bruises and sprains. Contains lanolin and butylhydroxytoluene.

For risks and side effects, read the package leaflet and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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