Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Creative design with clay

Clay is one of the oldest building materials of mankind and one of the most modern. With incomparable technical properties. Breathable, healthy for living, sustainable and stable in value.

Clay is a perfect building material for the highest demands in terms of room climate and aesthetics. A special attention deserves the cultivation of the clay plaster.

Using clay as a material to create unmistakable natural-aesthetic surfaces

From the bildsamen material clay unmistakable natural-aesthetic surfaces are created, sensuality purely.

Clay decorative plasters with their colored surfaces influence the interior architecture and have a very positive effect on the room climate due to their moisture regulation.

The vibrant, sensual texture and beautiful colors of this type of wall design have never been more popular than today.

Clay plasters from Dracholin can be processed smooth or rough. This makes you look rustic at times, then elegant again. So they create uniquely beautiful wall surfaces of unmistakable character.

Natural – aesthetic, with an almost unlimited variety of designs. Even for children’s rooms, kitchens and bathrooms perfectly suitable.

But there are also major differences in wall design with natural plasters and paints. Where nature is on it, is not yet far only nature in it. Therefore, pay attention to the full declaration of ingredients.

There are only a few manufacturers who, like Dracholin, provide exact information about the composition of their products.

However, this is not only very important for allergy sufferers, but also for every health-conscious consumer.

For example „loam plasters“ are in the trade, which have only a small loam portion. More and more people appreciate the lightness and transparency that a creative wall design with clay plaster conveys.

With creatively designed walls of natural clay plasters and colors you live individually, comfortably and healthily.

Relax, enjoy and unwind – in harmony with nature. Walls, which one already wins dear when looking at and with which one can feel well at each day and night time.