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High blood pressure and natural medicine

According to the definition of the World Health Organization (WHO), high blood pressure or arterial hypertension is when the systolic blood pressure is above 140 mmHg or the diastolic blood pressure is above 90 mmHg.

High blood pressure is present in an average of one in five Central Europeans. High blood pressure as a result is in Germany even in the European comparison in terms of high blood pressure frequency and the number of stroke deaths in the first place.

Since a temporary rise in blood pressure can also be triggered by an infection, pregnancy, stress or medication, and the symptoms are not very specific at first, it is absolutely necessary for the doctor to take several measurements in order to make a final diagnosis.

high blood pressure and increasing risk of various diseases

The disease complex leading to an increased risk of heart attack, stroke and arteriosclerosis due to damage to the blood vessels is manifested, for example, by palpitations, headache, nosebleeds, nervousness, dizziness, excessive fatigue or a rapid reddening of the face after the slightest effort.

The family doctor prescribes after the diagnosis of high blood pressure mostly classical blood pressure reducers, but these are not the only way to a normal blood pressure again. Alternative methods and lifestyle changes are also more than just supportive measures here.

Small but mighty – micronutrients

Micronutrients are, for example, vitamins, minerals, trace elements or secondary plant substances.

A combination of vitamins, as found in fruits and vegetables, is up to two hundred times more effective than individual micronutrients. These small food components have antioxidant properties, which means they are able to convert free radicals and thus actively protect the lining of blood vessels.

Some antioxidants also improve the supply of nitric oxide, which leads to relaxation of the smooth muscle cells in the vascular wall. This relaxation lowers blood pressure, as a larger vessel diameter leads to a lower pressure of the fluid blood.

Magnesium can also be mentioned here as an example, as it supports a stress reduction of the body in addition to the relaxation of the vessels in general, and thus often combats the problem at its root.

Low-dose omega-3 fatty acids of plant origin also reduce arterial hypertension, lower oxidative damage to tissues and improve blood cholesterol profiles.

Due to increased nitric oxide production, coenzyme Q10 must also be mentioned in this context. A positive side effect of this coenzyme is preventing the conversion of the dangerous cholesterol LDL, which improves vascular function and supports the strength of the heart.

You are what you eat

Japanese researchers could prove in the meantime that adipose humans suffer from an increased formation of free radicals, which contributes to the emergence of high blood pressure.

In addition to a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, sufferers should try to significantly reduce their consumption of table salt. A daily intake of less than six grams of table salt can lower blood pressure by up to eight mmHg.

This directly measurable effect occurs only in every third patient, but even without this change in the measured value, the antihypertensive agents are significantly more effective due to NaCl reduction.

By balanced diet, hypertension patients should understand especially the consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables and fish. Saturated fatty acids of animal origin are taboo. This change in diet can normalize blood pressure by up to 14 mmHg.

Whether in the fresh air or indoors – Exercise is a must

All sports muffleers affected by arterial hypertension always argue the same way when it comes to doing more sports: sports increase blood pressure and for this reason they should not do any.

However, with targeted training monitored by the family doctor, the opposite effect occurs, the general regulation of the circulation leads to a gentle reduction. Only regular exercise with sense and understanding can reduce blood pressure by four to nine mmHg.

Most effective is exercise at least three times a week, for example endurance sports such as running, swimming or cycling, for at least thirty minutes each session.

If the root of the evil lies in too much stress and lack of time in everyday life, one can counteract this by regular relaxation breaks and relaxation methods.

Autogenic training, yoga, progressive muscle relaxation or meditation are only possible examples here.

The hormones released by stress, such as adrenaline, which have a vasocontracting effect, are thus reduced.

In the alternating bath of the feelings – Sauna and Kneipp`sche applications

Regular sauna sessions lead to a relief of the heart due to the loss of fluids and salts. Here, too, the excuse that a sauna session is too strenuous cannot be given in most cases, since a sauna visit is equivalent to the effort of a leisurely walk or a slow bike ride.

An increase of the blood pressure could not be measured in the sauna up to now – in the normal case even the diastolic blood pressure lowers.

Hydrotherapy according to Sebastian Kneipp can be helpful in cases of mild arterial hypertension. An example is the rising arm bath, in which one bathes one’s arms at 35°C in the washbasin and increases the temperature to 39°C within 5 minutes.

The well-known alternating shower, in which the shower water temperature changes between 36°C-39°C and 10°C-16°C, can also be put to good use. It is important here to always start on the right side, i.e. away from the heart.

Only full baths are taboo for hypertension patients. These put too much strain on the cardiovascular system.

In moderation and not in masses – alcohol and caffeine

An alcoholic is officially anyone who regularly consumes alcohol and can no longer do without it. Alcohol is a stimulant and should therefore not be taken in excess under any circumstances.

Among many other harmful aspects, alcoholic beverages also increase blood pressure.

Mostly people with hypertension are already forced to abstain from alcohol, because the blood pressure lowering drugs are not compatible with alcohol and taking them together can be very harmful for the whole organism.

The black blessing of the morning, warm freshly brewed coffee or even tea, is also contraindicated for hypertension due to the methylxanthines it contains.

Through daily consumption of coffee, black tea, energy drinks or similar products, a kind of habituation to the ingredients occurs, which leads to the fact that many patients do not immediately notice the negative influence.

While the energizing effect is lost more and more with constant consumption quantity, the blood pressure-increasing effect can continue to increase.

Less is also here more, since by caffeine breaks the energizing effect of the beverages comes back and the vessels are spared.

High blood pressure – What grandma already knew – old home remedies against hypertension

Bananas are not only tasty, but regulate the sodium level by the contained potassium, which improves again you heart function.

Also in Fenugreek powder is a large quantity of potassium. So tea, powder or paste, you can easily include the clover in your daily diet.

More often with Cayenne pepper spice is the motto. Or one overcomes oneself and drinks a pinch of cayenne pepper dissolved in lukewarm water. The metabolism is heated up by the spiciness and the vessels are relaxed.

Also the bee gold, the Honey, can lower blood pressure. One to two teaspoons daily in the morning on an empty stomach is sufficient here.

Now to the tuber fruits. Both the Garlic, as well as the Onion can be helpful. Onions contain quercetin, a flavonoid that relaxes blood vessels when consumed daily.

Garlic facilitates blood flow and acts comparatively quickly. It can be taken raw or in cooked state.

Celery relaxes the muscles of the blood vessels and surrounding structures. This indirect antihypertensive effect relieves hypertension. Other natural blood pressure reducers are Coconut water, Lemon and Watermelon seeds.

The seeds of the watermelon contain cucurbocitrin, lemons help by the radical scavenger vitamin C and coconut water is rich in potassium and magnesium, whose effect was already described.

Of course, there are also a variety of useful herbal mixtures.

The most important thing is to drink a lot and to pay attention to the vitamin D balance, because this vitamin is also a very good radical scavenger.

All in all

If one heeds these in the everyday life well convertible Tipps and cheat, high blood pressure can lower itself that one the medicines prescribed by the physician only by the changes of the way of life no more needs.

For patients with significant blood pressure abnormalities, they provide great support for medications. And to all those who want to prevent the widespread disease, these tips are a good support.

The icing on the cake of the whole life change is that other small and large construction sites will almost certainly improve in this way. It is worthwhile itself thus in each case!