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When tooth replacement is necessary

The tooth is largely destroyed. One filling is not enough to receive it. The tooth root is healthy and still sufficiently firmly anchored in the bone.

Therefore, the dentist advises a tooth replacement, a crown. The question arises: What are the options for a crown and what will it cost??

A crown only for kings?

The dentist advises the patient in a detailed discussion about the different materials and types of a crown. The respective costs are made transparent with various treatment and cost plans.

Once it has been decided which treatment the patient will choose, the treatment and cost plan must be approved by the statutory health insurance fund and the amount of the health insurance fund’s subsidy must be confirmed.

Tooth replacement – The findings-related fixed allowance

Statutory health insurance companies pay their insured patients a so-called findings-related fixed allowance for tooth replacements. This means that the health insurance company pays a fixed amount for each dental finding.

For this purpose, an expert committee of health insurance companies and dentists has cataloged more than 40 findings in a clearly defined table. The subsidy covers at least 50 percent of the cost of a so-called standard treatment.

Social Code Book Five stipulates that the type of dental prosthesis must be adequate, appropriate and economical. The fixed amount is paid by the health insurance company regardless of whether the insured person opts for a simple or an elaborate restoration.

Financially disadvantaged persons – so-called hardship cases – receive double the fixed allowance. This means that standard care is free of co-payment for this group of people. The health insurances check who is entitled to it.

Tooth replacement – The metal crown as a standard restoration

In the case of a crown, the standard treatment is a metallic crown made of a non-precious metal alloy: in the non-visible area of the teeth as a full-cast crown – in the visible area as a tooth-colored crown, the so-called veneer crown.

In this case, the metal framework of the crown is placed in the direction of the oral vestibule, i.e. in the direction of the lips or the mouth. of the cheeks, veneered with tooth-colored ceramics.

Transparent dental splints for higher demands

For higher aesthetic demands, which go beyond this standard treatment, the patient has to bear the additional costs himself/herself. These include transparent, translucent dental splints as one of the latest forms of tooth correction.

They can be integrated almost inconspicuously and are made of the most modern, BPA-free splint material.

The bonus booklet – regular visits to the dentist are worthwhile!

If the patient regularly visits the dentist once a year for a check-up and has this noted in the bonus booklet, the health insurance subsidy increases.

If annual visits over five years are recorded in the bonus booklet, the fixed allowance increases by 20 percent. If the patient has visited his dentist’s office every year for more than 10 years, the fixed allowance increases by a total of 30 percent.

Initiative proDente e.V.

proDente has set itself the goal of imparting sound specialist knowledge in the fields of dentistry and dental technology. The initiative aims to provide dedicated patient education in support of dentists and dental technicians.

proDente wants to show the value of healthy and beautiful teeth. Above all, the focus is on education from prophylaxis to prosthetics.

For dentists and dental technicians, proDente presents a comprehensive range of services to facilitate communication with patients.