Sun. May 26th, 2024

Need for care in old age

“At 66 years, that’s when life begins, …” has already sung Udo Jürgens. From a purely visual point of view, you could believe the song. Active, agile pensioners wherever you look. But the reality is actually quite different. The need for care rises steadily even after the age of sixty.

Increasing limitation of age competence shows a care rate of 1.9 percent among 60 – 65 year olds. Among 80 – 85-year-olds 21 percent and among 90-year-olds and older 64.4 percent.

What options are available in the event of needing care in old age? Care in a home or at home? Can I afford a caregiver? Would a Polish caregiver be an option? What are care levels? Questions about questions that are best answered while you are still fit and healthy.

Need for care in old age – care at home is in great demand in Germany

Not all relatives can fulfill the great desire to be cared for within their own four walls for those in need of care. The too high medical effort or that there is simply no one who can take over the task are the main reasons. Nevertheless, a surprising number of elderly people are cared for at home.

When care is needed at the age of 60, only 21.000 of 95.000 cared for in a nursing facility. At the age of 85 – 90 years, there are of 539.600 people in need of care 345.800, which are cared for at home.

Together look for solutions for the need of care in old age

Those who think about care in old age at an early stage can take precautions. Discussing retirement wishes with family, looking for options to ease the burden on the family, or selecting the appropriate nursing home.

If the desire to remain at home even when in need of care in old age is paramount, the family can get reinforcement from outside for this big task.

The mental and also physical strain of old age care can be an enormous burden. Not every living arrangement can be adapted to the situation. Not every person can take over this work.

Depending on the level of care needed, services can be booked, such as e.B. Meals on wheels, cleaning assistance, medicine service and care service around the care need in the age at home to stemmen.

24-hour care in old age can also be provided by external parties

Even with 24-hour care, the desire to realize the care at home can be taken over by external professionals. This option is not only available to wealthy pensioners.

In Germany, qualified service agencies offer the placement of caregivers from Eastern Europe at adequate prices.

Depending on the need for care in old age, care plans are drawn up that are specially tailored to the personal circumstance and regulate everything up to 24-hour care.

If there are no relatives, if they live far away or have little time, this is not a problem. The need for care in old age can be covered by Polish caregivers.

In close cooperation with a placement agency for Polish caregivers, German-speaking caregivers, most of whom come from Poland, take over the complete domestic, personal and medical care.

Need for care in old age

Whether at home or as an inpatient, care in old age costs a lot of money. In Germany, the statutory nursing care insurance covers part of the costs. For this purpose, an application must be made to the nursing care insurance company.

The medical service of the health insurance companies (MDK) determines the degree of need for care in old age by means of an expert opinion, which forms the basis for the assumption of costs.

Depending on the care level, people in need of care have the choice of receiving benefits in kind in the form of care services or care allowance.