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Practice clinic doctor Bartsch – your dentist in Karlsruhe

Since 2012, the competent team at the Doctor Bartsch Clinic in Karlsruhe has been offering its patients a wide range of services in the fields of implantology, oral surgery and aesthetics.

Service overview of the practice clinic Dr. Bartsch in Karlsruhe

The dental clinic Doktor Bartsch in Karlsruhe offers dental treatments on the highest functional and aesthetic level and the current state of science.

In order to develop a treatment therapy for the patient’s teeth that makes sense from a dental and aesthetic point of view, the dental clinic specializes in the following services:


In case of tooth loss or the wish to have the already existing prosthesis firmly anchored in the jaw, implantology offers you the possibility to replace the missing teeth or to permanently attach a prosthesis. This can be done by means of artificial tooth roots made of titanium or ceramics, which are firmly fixed in the jawbone.

There are neither optical nor functional differences to your original teeth. Such a dental prosthesis feels completely natural and does not restrict you when laughing, speaking or eating.

The practice clinic Doktor Bartsch in Karlsruhe helps you to regain your usual quality of life and natural well-being.

Oral surgery

Minimizing the risk of injury is the main focus of all surgical interventions. In this way, infections and swellings after an operation are optimally prevented and wound healing is accelerated.

Dr. Bartsch, as a dentist for oral surgery, is specially trained for outpatient surgery in both the oral and maxillofacial areas and has sound theoretical as well as practical experience in performing surgical procedures.


The versatile spectrum of modern dentistry in the dental clinic includes various aesthetic treatment options, which are analyzed and developed individually for you as a patient. Thus, at the end of the treatment you will benefit from an optimal aesthetic result.

Furthermore, great importance is attached to appropriate precautions and care. Professional prophylaxis measures provide reliable protection against caries and periodontal disease.

An additional important aspect is the early detection of pathological changes in the oral cavity, which have an impact on the rest of the organism.

The aim of the Dr. Bartsch Clinic in Karlsruhe is to achieve lasting, harmonious jaw and dental health through appropriate preventive care and gentle treatment.

Filling therapy

Filling therapy is another component of the dental services in the practice clinic of Dr. Bartsch. If a tooth is already affected by caries, it must be treated as quickly as possible.

Subsequently, the tooth is restored with the help of a filling. There are a variety of possible fillings, which can be made of cements, plastics, bioplastics, composites or ceramics, for example. Ceramic inlays are also available as gold fillings.

After an initial diagnosis, the team at the practice clinic will advise you individually on which filling is suitable in your case. A color match with your existing teeth is always aimed for.


In many cases, a disease of the periodontium remains unnoticed at first. If left untreated, periodontitis can lead to tooth loss after only a short time.

If bacteria remain in the gum pocket for a longer period of time, the bone and the tissue around the tooth can loosen. Therefore, you should undergo a regular check-up, which will enable an early treatment.

As part of the prophylaxis program in the practice clinic, the formation of gum pockets is prevented. On the other hand, already existing pockets will be treated.

The instruments specially developed for this purpose have no damaging effect and help to free the gum pockets from plaque and tartar.


Endodontology includes interventions and treatments of the highly sensitive inner area of the teeth, if inflammatory changes have developed here.

If the area around the tooth nerve tissue and the hollow, branched tooth root canals is in a healthy condition, it is germ-tightly sealed. However, if there is already a deep caries or if there was a mechanical injury to the tooth, this germ-free tooth disappears.

This can usually result in endodontic tooth inflammation, which can be associated with severe pain for you as a patient. In such cases, treatment of the root canal is first carried out with the help of a microscope and the finest special instruments.

If this treatment does not achieve immobilization of the tooth, the next step is a microsurgical resection of the root tips, in which the outermost tip of the tooth root is removed and the zone is thus freed from remaining germs.

Of course, the goal is to preserve the affected tooth for the dentition.


The consumption of coffee and tea or even nicotine consumption can cause your teeth to discolor over the years. In addition, tooth enamel degrades with age, so any discoloration is also due to simple wear.

The dental clinic Dr. Bartsch in Karlsruhe offers the so-called bleaching in such cases. Teeth whitening ensures that your teeth appear in a brilliant white again and enables you to laugh again without worries.

High quality dentures

High-quality dental prosthesis is a part of implantological treatment. The practice clinic Dr. Bartsch in Karlsruhe offers holistic complete restorations for your dentition as well as individually manufactured dentures in all forms.

The range of dental prostheses here includes partial and full crowns or dental bridges. We also offer different types of modern dental prosthetics, both partial and full dentures. The clinic specializes in the planning, customization and fitting of veneers.


In addition to your usual daily dental care, you should make regular preventive dental care appointments at least every six months at the Praxisklinik Dr. Arrange an appointment with Doctor Bartsch in Karlsruhe to have your teeth, gums as well as jaw checked.

Furthermore, you will receive useful tips on proper dental care during such an appointment. Professional teeth cleaning is also recommended, where special equipment and instruments are used for intensive cleaning of teeth and oral cavity.

During this treatment, discoloration, tartar and plaque residues are removed, and the interdental spaces are cleaned, where bacteria can often accumulate.

Further services in the practice clinic Doctor Bartsch in Karlsruhe

Depending on the indication of the individual patient, the clinic offers various services beyond basic dental care, which may not be covered by health insurance, but whose necessity and effectiveness are clearly medically recognized.

The practice team will be happy to advise you on whether these services can contribute to the preservation of a tooth in your particular case, for example, or whether any consequences of a dental disease can be avoided in the long term as a result. In a consultation you can find out more about the costs involved and possible risks.

Other services offered in the clinic include 3D X-rays, anesthesia, functional diagnostics and the use of soft and diode lasers.