Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Relaxation music for effective stress reduction

Relaxation music with nature sounds can have a very calming effect on us humans. A gentle chirping of birds in the background immediately gives you the feeling of not sitting in a room, but relaxed on a bench in the forest.

When you fall asleep, the gentle sound of the sea brings back pleasant thoughts and dreams of your last vacation. All this offers for example nature sound CDs. Whether with or without music, is left to one’s own taste.

Relaxation music as an effective alternative

Soft relaxation music in the background makes the time in the sauna or during a massage seem even more pleasant.

Relaxation music while falling asleep can gently mask disturbing traffic noises or sounds from the neighbors. A short break with soft relaxation music gives new energy and organizes the thoughts.

If you are really stressed, you should not only take a walk in nature and get plenty of sleep, but also incorporate a relaxation technique into your daily routine.

The most popular relaxation techniques are autogenic training and progressive muscle relaxation. These can provide very good relaxation when used regularly.

Autogenic training

During „autogenic training“ one learns to let the body functions, like the relaxation or the warming up of a muscle „autogenic“ thus arise independently.

Progressive muscle relaxation

The „Progressive Muscle Relaxation“ is a little easier and faster to learn. In this process, muscle parts are tensed and relaxed again.

The resulting peace and relaxation effectively reduces stress and additionally sensitizes to new stress.

Fantasy journeys

An alternative to relaxation techniques are also fantasy journeys. Fantasy journeys take you in your mind to a vacation, to a lonely beach or to a fantasy world.

Through the emerging images in the thoughts, the recreation of past vacations can be „retraced“ once again.

Relaxation takes a little time, but properly and regularly incorporated into everyday life can greatly enrich our lives.