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Holistic tattoo removal

tattoolos®, premium provider of tattoo removal, is the first service provider to bring a holistic concept for a health-conscious, gentle tattoo removal on the market. tattoolos® works with naturopathy for detoxification and elimination. Knowledge of naturopathy is applied to detoxification and the removal of harmful substances from the body.

Health risk: substances in color pigments

No one knows how great the health risk really is that lies dormant in the dyes used in tattoos. The confusion becomes even greater when one considers that there are no standardized tattoo colors. In plain language, this means that the composition of the ink varies greatly depending on the manufacturer and supplier.

Due to the increasing number of tattoos, authorities and experts have now taken up the problem. In June 2013, medical professionals and other experts met in Berlin for the first International Conference on Tattoo Safety. This was hosted by the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment BfR. For not new, but with the increasing tattoos more and more visible: There is a connection between tattoos and the occurrence of skin diseases, up to skin cancer.

There is still no confirmed knowledge about how high the risk is actually from tattoos alone. After all, even without tattoos, the skin is exposed to environmental toxins and stresses every day.

Action instead of waiting in tattoo removal: the holistic tattoolos® concept

There are however enough indications, which force to act, so in any case the judgement of Markus Lhr, acting owner of tattoolos GmbH. He elaborates: „We as a professional provider of tattoo removal, which has always been the health and well-being of its customers is particularly important, did not want to wait inactively. After all, it is about the most precious asset of each person, his health!“

New concept of holistic tattoo removal

tattoolos® reacted immediately and developed a convincing concept of a holistic tattoo removal in cooperation with health experts and detoxification specialists. As the first provider in Germany, tattoolos® now advises its customers in detail about procedures that support the body in removing the color pigments released during laser treatment from the organism as quickly and safely as possible.

Important elements are a conscious diet, in order not to burden the body unnecessarily and the supply of active ingredients from natural herbs, with which the detoxification process can be positively influenced. In addition to the prescription of individual formulas for tattoolos® customers by the naturopaths working for tattoolos®, tattoolos® now offers a range of products that is inspired by naturopathy.

In accordance with the needs and quality consciousness of tattoolos® customers, tattoolos® can now offer an alternative for modern nutrition and body care from a single source.

There is also a separate page on this topic at Here, as well as in a flyer, basic and further information about holistic tattoo removal is compiled. Personal questions are answered in the studios.

About tattoolos®
tattoolos® is the premium service provider for gentle tattoo removal – painless, gentle on the skin and effective. Specialized services around the removal of tattoos and permanent make up distinguish the company. The tattoolos® brand stands for first-class service as well as professional consultation and treatment by experienced and highly qualified laser experts.

Medical laser systems, best treatment results and years of experience in tattoo removal form the basis of our daily work. tattoolos® is already represented at five locations in three federal states.