Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Lomi Lomi Nui the new massage trend from the South Seas

Exotic presents itself the newest Massage trend, which comes from Hawaii to us. Lomi Lomi Nui is originally a temple dance massage used to prepare people for a new beginning in life, a sacred, cleansing ritual. It is supposed to help in releasing tensions, removing blockages, strengthening the inner healing power and filling the body with new energy.

„The Hawaiians do not know the word illness“, says Ulrike Potthast (37) from Warburg, who has learned the Lomi massage and has been practicing for 4 years now. „You are talking about energy imbalances or energy deficiencies. It is important to create an atmosphere where the client feels accepted and appreciated, because only then the prerequisite is given during the treatment to release energy accumulations/blockages.“

Lomi is the Hawaiian expression for pressing, kneading or rubbing. By doubling the word its meaning is strengthened. Nui stands for important, unique and great. Lomi Lomi Nui thus has the claim to provide unique well-being and thus affects body, mind and soul at the same time.

The Practioner moves thereby easily in the swing of a Hula dancer around the Massagetisch and massages first the back. Special attention is paid to it, because in the tradition of the Hawaiians it represents the future, which should be free of burdens. The front of the body is connected with the past and the memories connected with it. Behind it is the philosophy of life ALOHA. The term goes back to three key words. „ALO“ means sharing experiences, „OHA“ means experiencing joy and affection, „HA“ stands for experiencing life energy.

The special feature of this massage is that it is practiced mainly with the forearms – in a pleasantly warm room where the client rests on a couch. But before it begins, the Practioner sings a Hawaiian prayer. While soft music plays in the background, the body is then rubbed with a fragrant oil and massaged, with every part of the body getting attention. „In my case, the oil consists of a mixture of peanut, almond, coconut and monoi oil.“

One to two hours lasts such a massage, which is sometimes carried out also by two Aktören at the same time and in the course of which the body is loosened, stretched and easily stretched.

„For afterwards I recommend a 37 degrees warm bath „, says Ulrike Potthast. „This is for further detoxification and energy balance.“