Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Alternative medicine in the healing directory

Alternative medicine and holistic health therapies are ubiquitous these days and more and more people are turning to them through the Healing Directory.

What can be found in the healing directory?

In the portal you will find a lot of information about health, naturopathy and alternative treatment methods. Inform yourself about different therapies and healing methods.

What is alternative medicine?

In alternative medicine, various treatment methods are used as an alternative or supplement to conventional medicine.

This can be recognized by the fact that today many orthodox physicians work with individual methods themselves or cooperate with alternative physicians. Also more and more health insurance companies subsidize and support various treatments.

What treatments are available?

The range of treatment methods used today is very wide and new ones are being added all the time. In order to keep the overview and to find the suitable for itself, you should inform yourselves before a treatment well.

An overview of general and the most popular therapy methods and healing procedures offers in addition the portal.

The most common and well-known alternative treatments nowadays are u.a. Homeopathy, acupuncture, TCM and various body and relaxation therapies, such as.B. Yoga, Reiki, Ayurveda or massages. For some time now, many applications and treatments can also be found in the wellness sector.

Where and how to find a therapist in the healing directory?

You can easily search for a suitable alternative practitioner, therapist, animal healer, psychologist, healer or naturopath in the Healing Directory under Addresses by postal code and city and contact him or her.

What else can I find in the healing directory?

In addition to the informative health articles and trade fair and event dates in the magazine, you will find a well-filled encyclopedia with valuable health tips and information.

Extensive offers of products and healing products, spiritual images, a variety of interesting books worth reading as well as a community in the portal complete the offer. Take some time out and discover a lot of known and unknown things.