Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

The best tips for skin problems

It is quite normal for the skin to become drier, wrinkled and thinner as we age. Also, its resistance decreases, the healing of wounds is slower and the consequences can be skin problems.

If the skin suffers from wounds, there is thus a risk that they will continuously spread or become inflamed. In addition, it increases the risk of widespread skin damage due to moisture in skin folds, paralysis, loss of sensation and incontinence.

In the case of an existing need for care or generally in old age, it is therefore highly important to ensure comprehensive protection of the skin and to care for it properly, for example with the help of professional support from the cosmetic studio in Frankfurt.

Protecting the skin from external influences

The skin is constantly exposed to external influences that can cause skin problems or other damage. These include not only cold or heat, but also germs, wetness and direct sunlight.

In addition, injuries to the skin and deeper tissue can also be caused by prolonged pressure, for example in the form of a painful pressure sore.

For this reason, the skin should be prevented from coming into contact with excessive cold or heat.

Cold compresses and hot water bottles, for example, should always be wrapped with a cotton cloth.

If redness is noticed during the application, the application should be interrupted immediately.

The skin can also be protected from harmful UV radiation with the help of a sunshade.

The use of sunscreen should also not be dispensed with, which should have at least sun protection factor 20.

In addition, the skin should always be kept as dry as possible.

If incontinence is present, care should also be taken to ensure that skin contact with stool and urine is as brief as possible.

The use of highly perfumed and foaming detergents is not recommended, as these destroy the skin’s protective acid mantle.

Proper care and cleansing of the skin

The skin is particularly susceptible to skin problems, inflammation and irritation when in need of care or in old age, which is why careful care and gentle cleansing are so important.

An excessively long hot bath or intensive washing should therefore be refrained from.

It is quite sufficient to wash the body once a day – unless there is excessive sweating or incontinence.

All cleansing products that are used must also be carefully washed off the skin.

After washing, gently dry the skin without brushing, scrubbing or rubbing it.

Wrinkles of the skin are to be dried with special care.

Dry skin should also be creamed once a day. If the skin is very dry, it is recommended to apply the cream several times a day.

However, do not apply cream to open skin areas – medical products prescribed by the doctor should be applied to these areas.

Use of suitable products

Generally, skin care products that are gentle on the skin and mild are recommended. Cleansing products with a pH value of less than 6 can be described as such.

In addition, special products can be found that support the natural protection of the skin.

For example, cleansing products containing fat and oil have a strong lipid-replenishing effect and are therefore gentle on the skin.

If the skin is slightly vulnerable, thin and dry, it is advisable to use products containing lactic acid, glycerin or urea.

In addition, to avoid promoting allergies or skin irritations, always use products that are free of perfume.