Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Sexual dysfunction in women

When things don’t go as planned in bed for a couple, the blame is often placed on the men. The so-called erectile dysfunction, where a man’s member does not become stiff, is the most obvious sign of sexual dysfunction, which is very unpleasant. Studies show that women are also frequently affected by sexual dysfunction.

Some studies even assume that this affects women more often than men. In this article we reveal what this is due to, how it manifests itself and what can be done about it.

Why do women suffer from sexual dysfunction?

A sexual disorder, by definition, can occur at any stage of the sexual act and can prevent the goal of sexual intercourse from being achieved. Basically Four phases of the sexual act distinguish.

In the beginning there is the Arousal phase, Where desire for each other increases and foreplay lays the foundation of a fulfilling act.

Then comes the Plateau phase, where the desire is held and the actual act begins.

The third phase is the Orgasm, that is, the transgression of sensations.

The last phase is called Resolution and stands for the subsiding of the arousal. For men suffering from premature ejaculation, work on later orgasm at all stages.

How do sexual dysfunctions manifest themselves in women?

Sexual dysfunction manifests itself differently in each of the different phases. The most common disorder is general sexual aversion. It is also known as weak libido and can lead to a general renunciation of partnered hours. It can be caused by hormones or bad experiences.

Even a weak arousal can prevent sexual intercourse. This is often due to the fact that foreplay is too short, because this is important for women to feel like having sex. Orgasm problems also occur frequently. This is often due to the fact that the woman cannot relax properly or has had a bad experience.

Women are also frequently affected by pain during sex. This is due to insufficient blood flow to the intimate region. Psychotherapies can help here.

How sexual dysfunction can be remedied

Some therapeutic options for sexual dysfunction in women have already been mentioned. Therapies, relaxation through yoga or open and honest communication about the problems can usually already improve the situation.

Of course, there are also medications that can improve the corresponding disorders. This includes, for example, Love Gra, or Viagra for women.

Nothing stands in the way of a fulfilling sex life with these products.