Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

Money and spirituality

These are two areas which at first have nothing directly to do with each other. So a person with little money can be more spiritual than someone with a lot of money. Just think of Francis of Assisi, Jesus or Buddha. Buddha and Francis even renounced their riches.

Conversely, of course, someone with a lot of money can be more spiritual than a poor person.

After all, God is both the boundless emptiness and the boundless fullness, and as His children, it is our natural birthright to share in His fullness. So I can not determine from the outside whether someone is spiritual or not.

„What does not cost much or nothing at all, can also be worth nothing“ is a statement, which one hears also in the esoteric area again and again. Here again the difference between so called esotericism and real spirituality becomes apparent.

Masters like Jesus and Buddha worked for free. An attitude, by the way, that can also be found in Sufism and other spiritual paths. The above statement is also a blatant contradiction of a basic life experience.

So we get for example the air completely for nothing. In the above opinion it is therefore worth nothing. And yet we can not even stand an hour without it.

In the esoteric area one hears, as in other areas also, again and again the statement: „I am worth it to me to demand so much money. I do not suffer from a poverty consciousness.If I feel really rich (I don’t necessarily need to have a lot of money), I don’t need to always insist on high prices and to prove my awareness of wealth.

I must prove only something to myself, in which I do not believe. Some even use affirmations to align the subconscious mind in such a way that wealth and money are practically attracted.

On the question, why not immediately still higher prices are required, one hears then always „Then nevertheless nobody comes more. Nobody can afford that anymore.“ Then I can demand nevertheless also equal as little as possible or become also for nothing active, if I want to reach as many humans as possible, who can afford it.

Whether then however also again all appreciate it and deal appropriately with it, is naturally again another question, if we at the above attitude „Free is nothing worth.“ think.

Personally, I have come to the following conclusion for myself: My time and I are priceless. With every price fixing we limit ourselves. For many it is important that an exchange of energy takes place, so that they do not feel bad when they get something.

But this need not always be in the form of money. Also the amount of money has a different meaning for each giver (while my time and energy expenditure is the same).

So it is z.B. a difference whether I have a manager or an unemployed person in front of me. The latter may really have a poverty consciousness (which we cannot judge from his outer situation).

But if I demand from people that they first give up their poverty consciousness (and pay the same price as others), it is almost like a doctor who does not want to waste his medicine on sick people. It is simply important to meet people where they are (and not where they should be).

Only then is an encounter, an exchange and perhaps a change possible. Giving and taking do not need to flow together in the same person. The important thing is to be open to accept something in the first place.

Based on these different points, my conclusion is: I offer my seminars and individual sessions on a self-assessment basis. And I have had good experiences with this.