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Recommended for respiratory infections and COVID-19: Isolate and treat

What to do when typical cold symptoms occur, such as mucousy airways, cough and runny nose? Immediate action is needed in times of Corona pandemic.

First, call your primary care physician: If symptoms point to COVID-19, the doctor’s first recommendation is home quarantine.

Typical complaints such as headaches, coughing attacks, stuck mucus torment the patient, weaken the body and require effective therapy.

“Frequently, domestic quarantine must be recommended for patients and household members as a precautionary measure. be ordered,” said Prof. Dr. Rainer Willy Hauck, practicing pulmonologist in Munich.

Affected individuals should act now, because during this time the healing process of acute respiratory symptoms can be supported by drug therapy, for example with the herbal medicine Gelo Myrtol® forte.

It activates and improves the self-cleaning powers of the respiratory tract, i.e. mucus clearance and the removal of secretions, pollutants and pathogens is increased – classic disease factors that also play a role in COVID-19.

If symptoms such as cough, cold or nasal congestion occur, viruses have usually already spread in the respiratory tract and the natural self-healing process is challenged.

However, recent data also show that COVID-19 patients discharged from inpatient treatment may have lung dysfunction associated with respiratory distress.¹

This indicates a disturbed gas exchange between blood and air in the alveoli. A condition that can be positively influenced by drugs that dissolve mucus (mucosecretolytic) and promote the removal of mucus (secretomotor).
¹ Anesi GL, Manaker S, Finlay G, Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19): Critical care and airway management issues. UpToDate 2020. Last update: 16-November-2020.

Clearance of harmful bacteria and viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 from the lungs

The ventilation of the lungs and the unimpeded transport of air along the bronchi are crucial for the smooth exchange of gases.

This functions essentially through the so-called “mucociliary clearance”, a self-cleaning mechanism of the respiratory tract, the essential task of which is the removal of mucus from the lungs.

It functions like a constantly running conveyor belt – with the mucus as the belt and trillions of beating ciliated cells (cilia) as the drive.¹

In healthy people, mucus and adhering harmful bacteria and viruses, as well as SARS-CoV-2, can be removed.

The deeper the mucus has penetrated into the fine ramifications of the bronchial tubes, the slower the removal of mucus takes place.

In a healthy person, the amount of mucus formed daily in the lungs is estimated to be approx. 50 ml.²

Patients suffering from simple bronchitis only can produce significantly more mucus (between 300 to 400 ml per day³).

If the mucociliary clearance is overloaded or damaged due to inflammation, z. B. by coronaviruses or other cold viruses, mucus congestion occurs. Consequences: More difficult breathing and more strenuous respiratory work.

“The patient with a cold tries to compensate for the reduced function of the cilia due to inflammation by coughing – but usually this is only partially successful, so that more or less large amounts of mucus remain in the respiratory tract,” explains Prof. Dr. Rainer Willy Hauck.

“Secretion management thus impaired also occurs in this manner in pulmonary affected COVID-19 patients. This contributes to a deterioration of the gas exchange surface with the onset of oxygen deficiency, which is a particular danger for COVID-19 patients,” said Prof. Hauck.
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³ Beeh KM. The breathtaking world of the lungs. 1. Edition 2018. Heyne Publisher. Pages 60-69.

Breathe better with a herbal medicine

Activation of the natural protective and cleansing mechanisms of the airways is at the forefront of therapy for acute respiratory infections.

“Especially in COVID-19 patients, it is particularly important to allow air to circulate all the way to the alveoli, thus counteracting impaired gas exchange between blood and air as early and effectively as possible.

To achieve this, the use of a phytopharmaceutical, such as Gelo Myrtol® forte, represents a useful strategy. Its effects have been proven in numerous studies,” says Prof. Hauck.

The herbal medicine activates the natural protective and cleansing mechanism of the respiratory tract: stuck mucus is liquefied, the production of thinner mucus is promoted and the beating frequency of the cilia is activated.

The mucus with adhering harmful bacteria and viruses is removed faster and the alveoli can better perform their function again.

For the patients this means: better breathing through.

GeloMyrtol® forte Packshot, 20 pieces

Mandatory text

Gelo Myrtol® forte. Anw.: For mucus clearance u. facilitates coughing up b. acute u. chron. Bronchitis. For mucus loosening b. Inflammation of the sinuses (sinusitis). Z. Anw. b. Adults, adolescents u. children from 6 years. Cont. Sorbitol. For risks and side effects read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist. Pohl-Boskamp (11)

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Gelo Myrtol® forte
Pharmacy-only medication in capsule form for the treatment of acute and chronic sinusitis and bronchitis


Gelo Myrtol® forte

  • 20 pieces: PZN 01479157 AVP 10,65 Euro
  • 60 pieces: PZN 14167086 AVP 27,30 Euro
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Green prescription

The phytopharmaceutical can be prescribed with the Green Prescription – details at

Indication Gelo Myrtol® forte

To loosen mucus and facilitate expectoration in acute and chronic bronchitis. For loosening mucus in inflammation of the sinuses (sinusitis).

Dosage Gelo Myrtol® forte

  • adults and. Children over 12 years 3 – 4 times daily 1 capsule
  • Children from 6 – 12 years 1 – 3 times daily 1 capsule
  • Adults u. Children over 12 years 2 – 3 times daily 1 capsule
  • Children from 6 – 12 years 1 – 2 times daily 1 capsule

Take with plenty of cold liquid, z. B. a glass of water.

Active ingredient

One capsule contains 300 mg (Gelo Myrtol® forte) ELOM-080 (special distillate of rectified eucalyptus, sweet orange, myrtle and lemon oil).

ELOM = Eucalyptus, Lemon, (Sweet)Orange, Myrtle

Gelo Myrtol® forte (ELOM-080) has a multifactorial mode of action:

Activation of mucociliary clearance

  • mucolytic (expectorant)
  • secretomotor (promotion of thinner mucus)
  • secretolytic (activation of cilia and improvement of removal of harmful bacteria and viruses)

Additional effects:

  • antimicrobial
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antioxidant*
  • spasmolytic*

Gelo Myrtol® forte is the only phytopharmaceutical for the treatment of acute and chronic sinusitis and bronchitis.

The effective action, tolerability and safety of Gelo Myrtol® forte is extensively documented by more than 100 preclinical and 28 clinical studies.

Gelo Myrtol® forte. Anw.: To loosen mucus u. Facilitates coughing up b. acute u. chron. Bronchitis. For the loosening of mucus b. Inflammation of the sinuses (sinusitis). Z. Anw. b. Adults, adolescents and. Children 6 years and older. Contains. Sorbitol. For risks and side effects, read the package leaflet and consult your doctor or pharmacist. Pohl-Boskamp (11)

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