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How the reimbursement of the teleconsultation works ?

The teleconsultation s’is democratized and allows today’Today’to be quickly in contact with your doctor or a doctor on duty. How does the payment proceed during a’an online consultation ? What’If you have decided to use teletransmission and reimbursement ? Are all teleconsultations reimbursed? ?

Before reimbursement, how to pay for a teleconsultation ?

Teleconsultation is a medical consultation at a distance. The patient only needs to be informed about the treatment’an internet connection, a computer or a computer’a camera and a video camera’a microphone. Thus, a smartphone is enough to make a teleconsultation.

You can consult your general practitioner or a specialist online either alone or accompanied by a health professional (pharmacist, nurse).

In terms of payment, the social security system covers 70% of the cost of the consultation. Your remaining expenses are paid directly by your mutual insurance company if the practitioner practices third party payment. Otherwise, you will have to advance the costs.

The rules of the consultation follow the same principle as’in the office.

Therefore, if you are reimbursed at 100% (ALD, maternity), you will not be reimbursed for the cost of the teleconsultation’will have nothing to pay. The teleconsultation is therefore reimbursed in the same way as a medical consultation’a classic consultation. This means of consultation is very practical for acts such as a prescription renewal, medical advice, readjustment of treatment, etc.

Payment is made online. Generally, you are asked for your bank details as for a purchase and you must validate a direct debit authorization with a maximum amount. C’The doctor will then tell you during the consultation how much you have to pay or if you have to pay’it practices the third party payment for the social security part, mutual insurance or both.

How much does a teleconsultation cost ? The price depends on two criteria: the specificity of the doctor (general practitioner or specialist) and the level of agreement (sector 1 or sector 2). For a consultation with a general practitioner and a specialist sector 1, the price is 25 €. For sector 2, the fees are free. The amount reimbursed after the fixed deduction of 1 euro is 16.50 €, except for the specialist agreed sector 2 where the amount is 15.10 €.

Before the reimbursement, how to pay for a teleconsultation ?

Can I be reimbursed after a teleconsultation? ?

After an online medical diagnosis, the reimbursement is fast if you have paid. Of course, you must be registered with the social security system and have a mutual insurance company. If you advance the’After the consultation, you will be reimbursed in two parts: the part corresponding to 70% is reimbursed on your bank account by the social security and the rest is reimbursed by your mutual insurance company.

Teletransmission is automatic in the majority of cases, so you don’t have to worry about your doctor’You don’t need a prescription’send the statement or invoice to your private health insurance.

The conditions of reimbursement are different from those of the private health insurance’a platform at the’other. Some platforms allow practitioners to fill out an electronic form that is submitted directly to the CPAM, which is then sent to the patient’others send you a document by email that you must send to the social security.

Are all teleconsultations reimbursed? ?

To have right to reimbursement of teleconsultation, There are certain conditions to respect. You must either consult your own physician or be referred to a specialist by your physician. However, there are exceptions that allow you to be reimbursed:

  • The consultation s’registered in an urgent framework.
  • The patient is under 16 years old.
  • The patient is an inmate.
  • L’direct access to specialists such as a pediatrician, gynecologist, ophthalmologist, stomatologist, psychiatrist, neuropsychiatrist, maxillofacial surgeon.
  • The patient does not have to be a doctor’the patient does not have an attending physician or the latter does not have an appointment’is not available in a timeframe appropriate to his or her health condition.
  • The patient is a dependent elderly person or a disabled adult living in an institution far from his or her family home.

For example, if you need to be treated for a cold or have the flu, you can be reimbursed’a s renewal’You do not need an emergency prescription For example, if you need to be treated for the flu or have the flu, you can consult an online platform if your doctor does not have the necessary information’is not available. It is also important to know that if your condition requires a work stoppage or a medical document (for childcare), you can consult a platform’You have a child who is sick and cannot go to school’If your child is ill and cannot go to school, the doctor can send you the bill by e-mail or in your document space on the teleconsultation platform.