Sun. May 26th, 2024

Breast surgery, much more than a beauty ideal

For some years now, it has been part of the social ideal of beauty for women to have an appealing breast area. This refers to various aspects of the breast, such as shape, size and fullness.

There are several reasons and advantages to undergo appropriate breast surgery, which approximately 25000 women in Germany choose each year. From the wide range of breast surgeries, the most popular – to this day – is breast augmentation. offers you a wide range of different procedures to make your wishes come true.

Main reasons for breast surgery

Apart from the desire to have a flawless and appealing external aesthetic, breast surgery can also counteract physical complaints. This can be seen in the example of a breast reduction, due to corresponding overloading of the back. Regardless of this, it is not reprehensible under any circumstances to want to meet your own standard of beauty.

The main reason for breast surgery is usually to greatly enhance self-esteem. Many women fall in love with their body all over again after an operation. After all breast surgeries our clients have an even and firm breast, the size of which they can determine themselves. This gives them beautiful, appealing curves.

Strong psychological stress can also be counteracted with a breast correction. For unequal breasts, surgeons can correct the asymmetry and make the breasts equal in shape and fullness. Women who are not satisfied with their breasts often feel that their quality of life and participation in life is severely restricted.

Therefore it is of great advantage for you to enhance the corresponding body region by one of the following procedures. You will be able to enjoy life again and feel comfortable in your body without any worries or discomfort.

What Villa Bella offers you

The advantage you will have with breast surgery at Villa Bella is that we use Crisalix. Crisalix is a new and modern simulation program, which is used before breast augmentation. This program allows to visualize the breast in 3D and 5D.

This will give you a very realistic picture before your procedure of what the desired result should look like. This allows you to plan more concretely and visualize exactly what you want.

Surgery, pre- and aftercare by experienced specialists

With a breast augmentation you are in good hands with us. Since this procedure is very common, you can be sure that you are in experienced hands. In addition, we offer extensive pre- and postoperative care. The result after the surgery should fulfill several components, which we will gladly make possible for you.

On the one hand, the optical image should correspond to the wishes of our customers, and on the other hand, it should also meet our demands for quality. This means for our customers that we attach great importance to the fact that after the operation no scars will be visible and the result will feel as real as possible.

We offer only safe implants from Motiva, which are among the newest silicone implants in the world. The modern implants allow to compensate possible asymmetries with the corresponding desired volume.

Medical reasons for breast surgery

In the case of orthopedic complaints or recurring inflammations due to an oversized bust, a reducing operation can achieve promising results. Since this type of breast surgery is usually medically necessary, health insurance companies often cover the costs.

By removing excess tissue, the breasts are reduced to an adjusted size that is still aesthetically pleasing to the patient. The procedure achieves promising results and gives women a new quality of life. Where previously there may have been great restrictions, such as in movement, sports or buying clothes, great freedom is achieved. This very often puts an end to the agonizing suffering.

Diminishing connective tissue

Not only after childbirth do some women have to struggle with sagging breasts. Also, as the patient ages or after successful weight loss, the connective tissue often diminishes significantly, leaving her with a depressed sense of self-confidence. Skin tightening surgery makes the breasts look fresh and young again.

In most cases, this is combined with breast augmentation as the breasts look smaller and have less volume due to the removal of excess skin. With the diverse offer of different methods of breast surgery you will get your desired result with us.

Since Villa Bella cares about your health, we do not currently offer breast augmentation with Macrolane injections. Through continuous research and a customer-oriented opinion, we have decided – in light of new study results – against the use of this product. It is our top priority to achieve an optimal and satisfying result for our clients in the long term.

Professional consultation

If you would like to consult us about breast surgery, you are welcome to make an appointment at our practice. We give you our professional recommendations and advise you individually, so that you can get your dream bust size and start your new phase of life with satisfaction.

Villa Bella is always fully committed to achieving the ideal and desired appearance of our clients with the latest procedures. Thanks to our experience, together we can make your wishes come true.