Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Proper nutrition for a beautiful radiant skin

Those who complain about skin problems often try to react with creams and similar preparations. However, one often only fights the symptoms and not the actual cause.

In this article we will show you how to do something good for your skin “from the inside out” by adjusting your diet accordingly.

Especially people with chronic skin problems can achieve a lot through a conscious choice of food.

What does our skin actually need?

The skin is our largest organ and is much more than just the covering of the human body. It is constantly renewing itself and therefore needs nutrients and trace elements to stay healthy.

The minerals sulfur, silicon and zinc are three elementary building blocks that are good for our skin and support the natural regenerative ability.

In addition, our skin needs antioxidants (vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin Q10) to remain vital. Other vitamins and micronutrients also serve an important purpose as well.

Equally important is the adequate intake of fluids. If you drink less than 2 liters a day, you literally dry out your skin.

Since water is a main component of human skin, you should drink enough and also eat water-containing foods (z.B. eat cucumbers).

By the way: Cucumbers are an absolute power food for the skin anyway, as the vegetable u.a. also contains silicon and various vitamins. In addition, cucumbers are low in calories.

These foods are good for the skin

Besides the already mentioned cucumbers, practically any kind of fruits and vegetables are very good for a beautiful glowing skin. Foods that are particularly rich in water should be on your menu frequently.

Girls diet

Attention: Spicy and acidic fruits- vegetables (z.B. Lemons, spinach, tomatoes or onions) are well tolerated by people with a normal skin condition.

However, if you z.B. people suffering from the skin disease rosacea should rather avoid them. Low-sugar fruits and mild vegetables are better suited as part of a targeted rosacea diet.

Basically, even fats and oils in doses are good for the skin. That is why avocado is also considered a superfood for radiant skin.

Important: In general, it is recommended not to eat too one-sided and to strive for a varied diet.

Which foods should be avoided?

Regardless of whether you suffer from a condition such as acne or rosacea, you should avoid a variety of foods or consume them only in moderation to avoid harming the appearance of your skin.

Bad for the skin are in particular:

  • Products that contain refined sugar,
  • Greasy sausages and red meat (z.B. Beef),
  • most dairy products,
  • and alcohol & Caffeine.

Notice: Every human organism is a little different. Try to keep a food diary and in this way find out which foods affect your skin and how much.

What else can you do for beautiful, radiant skin?

There are various (home) remedies that are said to be beneficial to the health of the skin.

In general, however, you should always question where the effect of a particular remedy or product comes from. preparation could come.

You can do little wrong with natural creams containing water, as long as they do not contain artificial ingredients. They moisturize the skin, strengthening its natural function.

A little more skepticism is appropriate with capsules and pills that you should take as a dietary supplement. Everything that is important for your skin can in principle also be taken in your normal diet.

Certainly, deficiencies can be counteracted with targeted nutrient complexes, but you can never do without a varied diet.

Tip: Steam baths are especially good for stressed skin. Simply boil water in a pot and add z.B. add a tea bag chamomile tea as an additive.

Moisture penetrates deep into the pores when leaning over the pot. To prevent the steam from escaping too quickly, you should place a towel over your head.

While acne can often be treated well and naturally with a steam bath, this measure would not be suitable for rosacea.

If you suspect that you suffer from a chronic skin disease, you should contact your doctor before trying any miracle (home) remedies on your own.